1. What is PhoneTone?

With PhoneTone you can save up to 85% on Belgacom's normal rates for international phonecalls. PhoneTone is a telephone number: 070 / 77 77 77. Use this number to call abroad without signing any contract, without a monthly subscription and for a fixed low price. The bill is included in your normal telephone bill from Belgacom.

2. Can I call nationally to a fixed or mobile phone with PhoneTone?

Yes PhoneTone can also be used to phone to Belgium fix numbers and mobile numbers at the same cheap price.
Attention: to dial an international number, for instance 02-3456789 use 003223456789

3. How does it work?

1. Dial 070  777 7777 on your fixed phone or  070  777 000 on your mobile handset. 

2. As soon as you hear the dial tone, dial your international number as usual (starting with 00). For example, for the United Kingdom you dial: "00-44-...".

3. End with #; this is not obligatory but it improves the speed of connection.

4. After a few seconds, the connection with your destination number will be established.

4. What do you pay if you call from a fixed phone or GSM?

Use PhoneTone and call at the following lowfixed rates: 
24/24, 7 days on 7. 
12 euro cents per minute (15 eurocent per minute incl. VAT) for 070 777 777
24 euro cents per minute (30 eurocent per minute incl. VAT) for 070 777 000

5. How do I pay?

Your calls will be billed at the standard 070 rate by your normal telephone operator. Your PhoneTone calls will be charged on your normal telephone bill under the heading "070 Numbers". On your invoice you will find one global amount for all your calls with PhoneTone (and other 070-numbers).No specific details on the individual 070 calls will be provided.

6. What is the amount invoiced?

The amount for a PhoneTone call that will be invoiced is per second after the first second. There will be no connection cost invoiced.

7. Can I call from a mobile phone?
NEW: Changes from the Belgium Law on 1 July 2009

Yes!! From your mobile, the mobile tariff for calls to 070 numbers will be applied. Compare the international tariffs to these destinations with your mobile operator and you will see that you can benefit from spectacular discounts using PhoneTone.

8. Privacy protection

By using the Phonetone service, you agree to receive information messages (via sms, e-mail, telephone, etc.) about that service. If you do not wish to receive such messages any more, you can inform us via info@phonetone.be or by dialling 070-77 1550.
No personal data are communicated to third parties.