What is PhoneTone?

With PhoneTone you can save up to 85% on Belgacom's normal rates for international phonecalls. PhoneTone is a telephone number: 070 / 77 77 77. Use this number to call abroad without signing any contract, without a monthly subscription and for a fixed low price. The bill is included in your normal telephone bill from Belgacom.

How does it work?

1. Dial 070 / 77 77 77 on your fixed phone or mobile handset.

2. As soon as you hear the dial tone, dial your international number as usual (starting with 00). For example, for the United Kingdom you dial: "00-44-...".

3. End with #; this is not obligatory but it improves the speed of connection.

4. After a few seconds, the connection with your destination number will be established.